PDF DOWNLOADS - These can all be downloaded and printed


NMB Craft or Class Determination 1934-1948 - PDF of original NMB Craft or Class Determination

NMB AA Single Carrier Finding - American Airlines/USAir designated single carrier

NMB the ASSociation Certified - TWU and IAM certifications extinquished for all crafts or classes

Association Consitution - Consititution of the TWU-IAM Association

How did we get in this situation? -A history of being denied a vote

TWU Prefunding Letter - PreFunding, A TWU promise that never came true

Not about the past - This is not about the past, but the future

Javits Report - The Binding TWU-IAM Seniority Integration Report from Neutral Javits

NMB FAQ - NMB Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

The Opportunity to Vote - Is this Opportunity to Vote Too Much To Ask?

Unvoted Association - Did You know the TWU and the IAM were both decertified?

TWU IAM Pension Agreement -TWU IAM Agreement on Pension

more to come